Connections Nationwide and Regionally

There has been a trend for nationwide delivery services, such as FedEx and UPS, to link up with regional and local courier services for “same-day and overnight” deliveries, as mentioned in Courier Magazine.

Here at Central Delivery Systems, we work closely with FedEx Critical Inventory Logistics (CIL) and UPS for weekly and intermittent deliveries, with a combined total of over 10 years.

Our local customers receive their interoffice mail from us, which we receive from UPS. Additionally, our warehousing and transportation services are utilized by Wincor and Nixdorf, through FedEx CIL. Our storage facilities store their inventory and we deliver them locally per their request. FedEx also delivers our payroll weekly for our couriers paychecks.

Central recognizes the mutual benefits that result from doing business with others in the transportation industry. Building connections and good business morale with companies similar to your own creates an expansive opportunity for growth.



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