Our Story

Our Story

From Washington to Houston, Central Delivery Systems has thrived in fast paced business communities and endured the demands of changing economies.

Dating back to 1978, Central Delivery Service of Washington (CDS) expanded its business by opening a branch in Houston, Texas. CDS provided local delivery and courier work for the city of Houston and its surrounding areas.

Over the course of 20 years, CDS evolved into a major factor within the courier community. Expansion through the acquisitions of companies such as General Express, Clarion, Early Bird Delivery, and The Messenger Service, propelled the growth of CDS. In addition, this growth prepared CDS to withstand the demands of a diverse economy.

A transition occurred in September of 1999, when local management purchased CDS and changed the company name to Central Delivery Systems. It became a family owned and operated company. During this transition, Central Delivery Systems maintained its momentum through internal and external growth, such as the acquistion of PM Courier.

Central Delivery Systems is home to employees who average 30 years within the company. Our team has the experience, dedication, and resilience that is essential for customer satisfaction and for company growth.

We have performed over 1 million on-demand deliveries and an untold number of contractual routed deliveries for our customers. We would like for you to be a part of our next million!

We are Central Delivery Systems – Setting the Pace for Today’s Business.